Irina Reylander motivational speaker, youtuber
Irina Reylander motivational speaker, youtuber

About me

Hi, my name is Irina Reylander, my brand name  is Iri Motivation.

An academic degree in Psychology and Languages brought me to my first goal which is to help people to communicate and to understand each other better.

During my previous activity as a foreign language teacher and consultant, I observed that not only does a student need practice and grammar, but more importantly encouragement, motivation, benevolence and empathy.

During an intense experience as an independent trader on the stock exchange and derivative market, I learnt that only you are the creator of your own reality and, I finally embarked on my life mission. I combined my knowledge of  psychology, education and finance to help people to grow and to expand. That means to motivate them in their self-discovery, to heal them from blockages so that they are finally able to attract wealth in all its aspects. Just feel better and reach happiness!

Coaching and motivating is a fascinating job. I share an interdisciplinary wisdom and my knowledge in workshops, seminars, motivational events, YouTube videos and online courses.


In order to reach happiness and success you must understand how matter, especially how money works. This is a base from which you can develop further to reach a deeper awareness.


My talks are about motivation, inspiration, money, health, psychology, self-empowerment, education, success, music-therapy, spirituality, storytelling, wealth,

"I have 10 commandments. The first nine are : thou shalt not bore"

Billy Wilder