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Irina Reylander speaker and storyteller in an event
Motivational Event Irina Reylander about Money and Mind

Should you ever decide to participate at a conference held by Dr. Irina Reylander, you can be sure: there will be no boredom: Irina is a brilliant speaker, a fecund storyteller, with a great sense of humour and a big repertoire of tricks and unusual tips. One session will not be enough for you. Her horizon is so extensive, her repertoire so rich, that you can't wait to attend another seminar. Mauro Fusi, Milan.

Motivational Event with Irina Reylander build an origami and make the quantum leap
Motivational Event with Irina Reylander builiding and origami

Thank you so much Irina Reylander for this interesting and fascinating conference. Everybody appreciated it, because you enchanted the audience. It is very rare to see such an attentive and absorbed public. It is true, you have the art of a storyteller. ' You are magic and you have a great talent! Raffaella Pizzi



Money, Music and Dance an holistic approach to financial markets
Money, Music and Dance an holistic approach to financial markets

Irina, you are a good speaker! I found particularity interesting when you talked about the relationship between gain and loss and the equilibrium which is created on an energetic base. If there is an excess or unbalance, it might influence other spheres  of your life. Simone Petracchi



Motivational Event Lugano Irina Reylander Money and MIndset
Motivational Event Lugano Irina Reylander Money and MIndset

Thank you Irina Reylander for this stunning conference. My husband, a professor of economy, often falls asleep listening to conferences but during your intervention, he didn't lose one single word. You have united knowledge with pleasant, captivating and funny information! We both were enthusiastic! Mrs. Valery M.

Stop Loss an art ,Conference with Irina Reylander Milan
Stop Loss an art, Conference with Irina Reylander Milan

Thank you for  such an stinging and always actual argument. Money! It is rare to find somebody who- with patience and devotion- initiates people to  awakening and awareness.  Somebody who teaches us to interact with this potent energy which moves the whole world. Dear Irina Reylander, you unveil this secret in a historic moment of transformation. We hope to have you as our guest again . Dino Pellegrino

Irina Reylander Piano listen to harmony
Irina Reylander Piano listen to harmony

Thank you Irina for having brought your piano music to our nursery home. For some moments our elderly guests had moments of relief, could forget their situation, their pain and dive into the harmonic world of sounds. Even if some of them have dementia and serious Alzheimer issues, everybody could understand and enjoy the universal language of  music!  (Private)

Just listen and relax and try to get your positive vibes in these difficult times