Irina Reylander:                               Motivational talks and videos

Only if you are  familiar with the matter, symbolized by Money and its laws, you are able to consecrate yourself to true personal growth and fulfilment.

Understand Money, discover the financial markets, build a magical relationship with it, control and multiply it in order to know your real task in life!  Yes, live your real task and talent.

I show you in thrilling speeches, events and workshops how it works.


                                                      My motto

Dont allow that people after meeting you not to be happier than before!


Amazing how Irina Reylander rules the scene with easiness,  precision and charm.  She gives a bunch of important messages:  innovative thoughts , old as the world though, but through her presentation they become up to date, because they are shown through an unusual point of view . We use  our money automatically for all our daily needs or to improve our life standard, but we are absolutely not able to quantify it . It is really difficult to make become reality our desires.  We are used to think in a too complicated way.  Irina explains  in a really easy way how Money's secret works!  Tosca Pagliari, Italian Author.