Irina Reylander : Motivational speaker, coach, author


A degree in a philosophical faculty and over  20 years of experience in trading and analysing financial markets, and psicological help for money and depths, Irina Reylander is an international expert for financial and positive psychology. As a motivational and inspirational speaker, coach and trainer she shares a field which is rarely taught, but fundamental to survive and more important, for personal growth.

Only if you are in a good relationship with the matter, mainly symbolized by money and markets, you might think of your personal grow and your empowerment. The money flow follows the same principles as all the other natural phenomena. It is important to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge and ancient wisdom, as well as studying modern scientific discoveries in order to be able to control your own faith.

Irina Reylander communicates her contents in an easy and entertaining way. She tries to inspire her public for a traditionally complex, mysterious and obscure topic. You will have a an efficient key to understand your own life and even the whole universe.

Her main message is to take your financial destiny in your own hands in order to be independent and free for the second important step:finding your true talent and mission.

She is author of the book: Money, fate and happiness: everybody is architect of his financial destiny (published only in German and Italian).

Some interesting insight about the ancient alchemists and their power (extract from a talk about Mental Power and Finance held in Milano in Oktober 1, 2016