With a degree in psychology and languages Dr. Irina Reylander is an expert in personal development, financial behaviour and music therapy. She transmits her knowledge in English, Italian, German and French for a big public or individually, mostly on youtube.

http://www.youtube.com/c/IrinaReylander    italian

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGzrGRYSLCNgbi58BihQXZg  engl.


 Her aim is to motivate and create enthusiasm and self confidence. She encourages with passion to take your own life in hand as well as your  financial issues and find your true mission of life. She refers to old wisdom and philosophies and modern sciences, an interdisciplinary access. Her contents are explained in a easy and entertaining way.

Author of the book: Money, Destiny and Happiness (Available only in Italian and German)  A useful and inspirational book which helps to understand and perceive what money and financial markets really mean in your life.


Be:       Motivated-Inspired-Confident


" Should you decide to participate at a conference held by Dr. Irina Reylander, you may be sure of one thing: there will be no boredom: she is a brilliant speaker, a fecund storyteller, which a great sense of humour and a big repertoire of tricks and unusual tips. And you can also be sure that one meeting will  not be enough for you. Her horizon is so extensive and the field of discoveries waiting for you so rich, that you can't wait to attend another seminar of hers." Mauro Fusi, Milan.