Money Party in Milan, July 5, 2016 a talk between information and entertainment.

March 2017 Milan, Italy


Why we don't have enough money :

a  psychological and historical insight


Debt, speculation, betting, lack of money and high liquidity everywhere. We must understand that money is a mental product, loaded with emotions and negative images. Following it's curious and thrilling historical development, discovering our brain and feelings in relation to  money, we may  finally be able to control our own finances and be trustful for our further personal grow.

New knowledge, ancient wisdom blended with brand new information about finance and science give you the key to abundance. 

thales of miletus : wealth is a matter of intelligence
thales of miletus : wealth is a matter of intelligence

Tools for Empowerment

Alchimists used a  mysterious life elixir with almost unbelievably successful curative qualities known as “Aurum Potabile” (the “drinkable gold of the alchemists”) I brushed my teeth with Curcuma and they became really white,(only the toothbrush remained yellow) all my gums problems and inflammation disappeared. Gold can be found everywhere, awareness is the first step to wealth